Enamel etching gel at 38% phosphoric acid



Kit x 4 Syringes x 3 ml Each one

Syringe x 12 ml Each one

Enamel etching gel at 38%. It can be used with any dental procedure involving enamel and dentine etching, such as restoration (posterior and anterior), orthodontic brackets adherence, pits and fissures sealant.


  • GELYETCH FLUOR, is thixotropic, remaining where applied; without etching adjacent areas not needing to be etched.
  • GELYETCH FLUOR is blue for a better color contrast in the mouth.
  • GELYETCH FLUOR has an aqueous-base formula, making it easier to be rinsed and preventing color stains on the tooth, which have to be later, removed with abrasive materials.
  • GELYETCH FLUOR forms microscopic deposits of calcium fluoride that continues to act even after adhesion is finished.
  • GELYETCH FLUOR prevents sensitivity.
  • Product to be used by the professional dentist.


  1. Clean and rinse thoroughly, dry with clean air. Etch the tooth surface with Gelyetch Flour at 38%, using the syringe and the needle. Place the gel only in the area to be etched.
  2. Remove excess and rinse thoroughly with water without pressure for 30 seconds, because pressure will distort the etching architecture.
  3. Dry with clean air, free of humidity.
  4. Make sure that the needle is tightly connected to the syringe. Change needle after every application and lock syringe cap tightly.