Zinc phosphate cement with fluoride



Kit includes:

  • Powder x 24 Gr.
  • Liquid x 13 ml.

Zinc phosphate cement with fluoride release. When mixed to a thicker consistency it serves well as a base or temporary filling. When mixed in a fluid consistency is recommended for use in cementation of crowns and bridges and orthodontic bands.


  • STOCEMT is a Type I cement, ideal as cementing agent due to its film thickness of 22.3 microns and therefore it flows into the small irregularities of the casting and the walls of the tooth; producing a mechanical bond when the cement hardens.
  • STOCEMT as cementing agent of orthodontic bands, is a cost effective alternative to prevent the formation of dental caries due to its fluoride content.
  • STOCEMT has a low solubility (less than 0.2%) preventing the loss of material between band and tooth.
  • STOCEMT has a high compressive strength (70 kg/cm2) preventing fissures and fractures.
  • Product to be used by the professional dentist.


  1. To mix, use a cool, dry and clean glass slab and a stainless steel spatula.
  2. For a temporary filling or base mix 1.3 gr. of powder and 0.5 ml. of liquid. For cementation purposes use 1 gr. of powder and 0.5 ml of liquid.
  3. Divide powder into 4 equal portions (A).Divide one of these into two parts. (B). One eighth of a portion is divided into two (C). With a spatula mix 1/16 of the portion with the total amount of liquid (D), and 1/16 is added and mixed. 1/8 of the portion is added and mixed. The other ¾ parts are added and mixed until all portions are incorporated.
  4. The entire mixing time should be 1 minute.
  5. As soon as powder is totally incorporated into liquid, apply the mixture to the cleaned band or casting as usual. Prior cementation washes the tooth preparation and air dry.
  6. Keep bottles tightly closed when not in use to prevent material deterioration.
  7. Verify that the whole powder is incorporated into the liquid in each successive step of the mixture.